UNDRESENTRALEN Kjersti Sundland & Anne Bang-Steinsvik

GLIPE – Rehearsel in Tistedal Textile Factory from Undersentralen on Vimeo.

GLIPE – Three channel live video performance

by Undersentralen aka Kjersti Sundland and Anne Bang-Steinsvik

Re-sampling of live video footage, using Isadora software.
Duration is variable, between 20-40 minutes.

A moving camera records a journey towards an old farmhouse situated on an island in the county of Hordaland, Bergen. Starting from a bird view perspective,
images from inside a vehicle moving in the air continues down the soil and grass on the ground. The small camera moves into the house, following the cracks in
the wooden floorboard, up the staircase, through the curtains, tracing the interior and the person living living there.

A fragmented, jittery search for sonic imprints and glitches in the video clips, is being processed and chewed, – ,creating spurs of rhythm's and loops, as if
trying to track down a sensory remembrance of time and place.

Using real time video processing software, the video streams are controlled independently from two separate control computers, enabling the operators
to playback, and manipulate the video material on all three screens, synchronized, or independently of each other. In this way, each performance is changing
in duration, narrative and sound.

In Glipe, Undersentralen is investigating the notion of haptic visuality[1]<#_ftn1>, through questions relating to cultural identity and how rural way of life
has been changed by technological advance.

Glipe is made with the support from the Norwegian Cultural Fund, Art and New Tecnology and Bergen kommune.
Programmed in Isadora by Eirik Sælen Jørstad.

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[1] <#_ftnref1> "haptic visuality, a kind of seeing that use the eye like an organ of touch"-defined by media theorist and curator Laura U. Marks,
as an expression connected to an sensual remembrance through visual representation.

GLIPE has been performed:

Premiere Norsk Telemuseum, Senkveld, Oslo, 25.11.10

Rehearsed and extended at Tistedals Textile Factory, 25.06.11 – 30.06.11

Excerpt from Glipe, Håkonshallen 2.12.11.
Part of the celebration of Håkonshallens 750th anniversary. Video art on the old brick facade of Håkonshallen, precented by BEK.
Video screenings by HC Gilje, Undersentralen, Jeremy Welsh and Bjørg Taranger.

Sound of Mu, 28. november 2013 med gjestene Women are from Venus Men are Fromasj